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Roda shoe clip

The Roda Shoe Clip is the only real solution for this well-known shoe problem. Continual braking and accelerating causes damage to the shoe-heels. Grit and stones, which are taking into the car under the soles of your shoes, will turn your car-mat into a coarse emery-paper.

Intensive Market Research has shown that 80% of Motorists suffer from this problem of scuffed shoes, and therefore the Roda Shoe Clip has proved to be the only solution for this.

The Roda Shoe Clip , manufactured from a durable synthetic (FDA approved) and ingeniously devised to stretch and fit snugly over the back of the shoe and for optimal use, protects not only Ladies'shoes and boots with all sizes of heel but also Mens'shoes without any difficulty at all. The Roda Shoe Clip, through a small eye-fastening, can be attached to the driver's seat to prevent it from being lost when stepping out of the car. In addition, it has an anti-slip mark at the back for increased security.

The Roda Shoe Clip, can be packaged in an standard eye-catching box, or in consideration to your option, in the way it will attract your consumers attention. A standard Display box with 12 Ladies' and 12 Mens' clips is possible, but also in consideration to your option is every packaging possible so it will attract the consumers attention in their own language. Of course it depends on the amount and in which branch you are into. This in the way for standing on every sales counter provides a greater and more successful turnover to your business, which you cannot afford to miss.

The Roda Shoe Clip is an ideal product to sell in the shoe shops or shoe repair shops or in the car business and petrol stations as well. But also in the department stores, mail order companies or Internet. Of course it will be a successful product for the Give-A-Way business, with the possibility of an own brand.

The Roda Shoe Clip is be sold already all over the world for
about € 12,50 (euro) (or $ 15,- USA) retail price.

Our term of guarantee is 30 days.

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